Tile Maintenance | How to look after your tiles


How often should I replace the grout in my bathroom

Your tile grout should last a very long time, however, sometimes it can become damaged or discoloured. When this happens you need to look at correctly replacing it in a manner that does not leave your bathroom at risk of leaking.

How do I replace tile grout

To replace tile grout, you need to remove it all. Even if it is only worn down in certain areas. This can be done using tools for removing tile grout which is shown below. You will need to be careful whiles replacing the grout between your tiles so that you do not damage them.

Electric tile grout remover

To reapply new grout you will need to get a bag of grout powder and mix with water. The mixture needs to be thick so do not add to much water. The grout can then be smeared across your tiles so that it fills the gaps between them. Allow 10 minutes for the grout to dry, then go over it with a damp sponge to remove excess grout and create a smooth finish.

My tiles are discoloured

Having discoloured grout in between your tiles can completely ruin the look of your tiles. However fixing it could not be simpler, however, it is time-consuming. Especially if you have a lot of titles. The solution is to use a ‘grout pen’ to go over the top of your grout. This link will take you over to Amazon where you should be able to find one.


When should I replace the silicon in my bathroom

The silicon in different parts of your bathroom with last for a different amount of time. On average, for an area that is in regular contact with water, you will need to replace the silicon every 2 years. However, you should look at replacing the silicon soon if it starts to peel away or becomes discoloured.

How do I replace silicon

To remove silicon you need to use a Stanley knife to cut away as much silicon as possible. Run the Stanley knife along each side of the silicone. It will make is much easier if you apply WD-40 to the silicon 10 minutes before you cut it off.