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Simple ideas to improve your bathroom

When you are redecorating it is important to look at the bathroom as a whole. This can sometimes mean that you need to get rid of your old bits and bobs and get it all a new.


Having accent patterns or colours in your bathroom can completely sabotage a modern bathroom design. Because of this, one of the first things you want to look at changing your fabrics. This includes things like your bath mat, towels, shower curtains and window curtains. Finding fabrics that match the patterns on the rest of the room can be difficult so it is always a good place to start.


Keeping all of the necessary things in your bathroom can be difficult and without an appropriate amount of cupboards, shelves and draws it can quickly become a mess. Some of the ways you can get extra storage space are to have a vanity unit, floating shelves or a mirror cabinet installed.

Bathroom artwork

Unless you are going for a minimalistic look then having bare walls and surfaces in your bathroom can become a bit tedious. One of the ways that you can bring colour into your bathroom is by hanging treated canvas paintings. A treated canvas painting is affordable and will not become damaged over time due to the water in the bathroom.

Another way to decorate is to look at changing what features you have installed. This includes stuff like your mirror, soap bowl, toilet roll holder, flowers and a rack for your towels.

One good place that you can get good artwork is over at Etsy

Lighting, Mirrors and Space

Having a small bathroom can be a problem if you don’t maximise space for storage and design. By using the right combination of lighting and mirrors you can make the space in your bathroom look a lot bigger then it actually is. One of the easier ways to do this is by adding a large mirror above your basin.

Another way you can save space it to get things with more than one purpose. This would include having a shower installed above your bath or a cabinet inside of your mirror.

Basic maintenance and repairs

You can ignore some damages with it only being a bit of an eye swore and nothing else. However other problems can cause you an excessive amount of damage to if left unchecked. One of the problems that can arise is old tile grout. By not maintaining the grout on your tiles you will end up having leaks. Because this can be a slow leak you will not realise that there is a leak until you wall is about to fall apart from water damage. This is the same with silicon, especially in shower and bath areas. As well as other leaks that can occur from your appliances.

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