Chrome fittings | Restoring/Cleaning rusty bathroom fittings

Removing rust from chrome

Having rust on your chrome fits can look horrible. However if the damage caused by rust is minimal it can be cleaned, repaired and protected against further damage.


The quickest way to remove rust is to use polish. You can apply this by using a fine steel wire pad, in a circular motion over the rusted area. This will quickly break up the rust allowing you to easily remove it with a cloth. Once you have finished you can then wash the polish off, making sure to dry it so that it does not cause your chrome to rust again.

Mild acid

One way that you can get rid of rust is to use a mild acid to clean it. You should have something in your home strong enough to clean it. The list includes lime juice, Coca-Cola, vinegar and other similar products. It is best to use a scouring pad to apply your solutions of choice, followed by washing it off with water. Once you have completely cleaned off the solution you will then need to dry it to stop it from rusting again.

Aluminium foil

Another way you can remove rust from chrome is by using aluminium foil. What you need to do is dip the aluminium foil in water, then rub the chrome with the aluminium foil. You will need to stop ever so often to clean the residue from the aluminium. Once you have finished you will want to wash the chrome with water to remove any of the leftover residues from the rust, making sure to dry it when you have finished.

Preventing rust

Once you have cleaned all of the rust off of you chrome, it is worth making sure that it does not come back. You can do this by applying a metal polish to it. First, you will need to clean and dry the chrome. Then you can look at applying and buffing the polish or wax. This may need to be done several times depending on the condition of the chrome.

Removing fine scratches from chrome

Depending on the depth and size of the scatch determines whether or not you have a chance of removing it or not. To try and remove the scratch you first need a fine steel wool pad. Apply polish to the steel wool pad, then rub the pad in circles over the scratch. Continue to do this for several minutes. Once finished you can then use a microfibre cloth to remove the polish.

Need it replaced?

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